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Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

Second Annual Celebration of the National African American Read In (2/2022)

Leading and overseeing the second virtual program. Created marketing materials, and produced and edited a teen led PSA to help promote the program. Booked presenters and created flow of program. Created and designed booklets to handout at each library location to connect families with the presenters and the program.

Black Lives Matter Systemwide Initiative Co-Lead (2020-Current)

Co-Lead of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library's Black Lives Matter team where I created the structure of the team and co-created the outcomes and goals of the team. Host monthly team meetings and create annual "strategic" team plans.

Jasmine interviews with WB-TV Q3 to promote Equity Impact Circles Series under the BLM Program Initiative.

Reading in Color Systemwide Program (2016-Current)

Created by Jasmine McNeil at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, Reading in Color is a program that is focused on exposing children to diverse characters and literature. It's aim is to increase literacy skills in reluctant readers through diverse characters in books. Host monthly team meetings, and create and manage budget. In 2020, Reading in Color received the "Best Collaboration Award" from the Mayor's Mentoring Alliance.

Recruit, lead and facilitate monthly meetings, provide training and shadowing opportunities, coaching and feedback. Identify program gaps and create programs and opportunities from those gaps.

Bridging the Gap Workforce Development Program Series (2020)

Created a 4-week workforce development series that partners with local agencies to provide career enhancement workshops for clients.

I CAN Celebrate the National African American Read-In Event (2/2021)

Created and hosted the first annual event for Charlotte Mecklenburg Library to partake in, and to celebrate the National African American Read-In

Bigger Than High School: Full Day College Event (2019)

Co-Creator and organizer of Bigger Than High School. This event was a partnership between the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library and the Urban Education Collaborative at UNC Charlotte in 2019.

Just Do It: Systemwide Outreach Retreat (2018)

Co-Creator and organizer of the systemwide Outreach Learning Retreat. This is an annual professional development​ day for all system staff. The day's theme was "Just Do It". Staff were able to have a full day of Outreach shadowing throughout the Charlotte Community and listen to guest speakers to motivate them to "Just Do It".

Reading in Color Program Impact Video

In Depth Interview with Spectrum News

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All Videos

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Jasmine McNeil interviews with Spectrum's Claudine about the Black Lives Matter Program Initiative at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.

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